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Visible Light Transmission,Sun glass Lens Colors

The amount of mild that reaches your eyes via your lenses is called seen mild Transmission (VLT). Measured as a percentage (and listed in the product specifications on REI.com), VLT is stricken by the colour and thickness of your lenses, the fabric they are made from and the coatings they have got on them. right here are some popular tips for deciding on shades based on VLT possibilities:

zero–19% VLT: perfect for vivid, sunny conditions.

20–40% VLT: excellent for all-cause use.

40+% VLT: first-class for overcast and coffee-light situations.
eighty–ninety+% VLT: truly clean lenses for terribly dim and night conditions.

Lens colorations affect how tons visible light reaches your eyes, how properly you spot other hues and the way properly you spot contrasts.

dark colors (brown/grey/inexperienced) are perfect for everyday use and maximum outdoor sports. Darker sunglasses are supposed mostly to cut through the glare and reduce eyestrain in slight-to-brilliant conditions. grey and green lenses received’t distort colors, whilst brown lenses may also motive minor distortion.
light shades (yellow/gold/amber/rose/vermillion): those colours excel in slight- to low-stage mild situations. they’re frequently tremendous for snowboarding, snowboarding and different snow sports activities. They provide notable intensity perception, decorate contrasts in tricky, flat-mild conditions, improve the visibility of objects and make your surroundings seem brighter.

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