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Make Sunglasses as Common as Sunscreen for Kids

You realize what the solar can do to skin, proper? Many a determine has discovered the tough way. A few carefree hours in the solar – with out sunscreen – can wreak havoc at the tender skin of youngsters.

Well, their eyes are just as delicate. But even as many dad and mom religiously slather at the sunscreen, only a few are just as cautious with their children’ eyes.

It’s authentic: we recently surveyed approximately 2,000 U.S. Adults. And we learned that a healthy 82% of parents make their youngsters put on sunscreen whilst outside in the solar. But a no longer-so-healthful 32% outfit their children with sun shades.

Plano, Texas-based totally Anthony Borgognoni, O.D., isn’t amazed. Most human beings recognize the dangerous effects of UV mild on the skin, he says. But, “Far fewer humans remember that extended publicity to sunlight in childhood can lead to cataracts and age-associated macular degeneration. Both of those disorders can purpose impaired vision or even blindness. Making sure your youngsters put on sun shades isn’t a frill, it’s a need.”

Dr. Borgognoni has a unique hobby in evangelizing shades for children. He evolved untimely cataracts in each eyes at the smooth age of 46. And he points to a ton of adolescence solar exposure as a likely purpose.

“I grew up playing Little League baseball and football all day lengthy in small-town Arkansas,” he says. “In those days, no one concept a good deal approximately putting sunglasses on children to shield their imaginative and prescient.”

So, in case you’re ready to exit and purchase your children sun shades, read on to find out what to search for, and what to avoid.

Sunglasses Buying Tips

Spot the decal. Most sunglasses have a UV-safety sticky label. But additionally look for the American Optometric Association’s Seal of Acceptance. These glasses block 99 to 100% of unfavourable UV radiation.
Avoid toys. Toy sun shades aren’t true enough. Buy actual ones with UV-protection. Choose shatterproof polycarbonate lenses that gained’t come out of their frames.
Go dark. Lenses need to block about 75-ninety% of mild. So, earlier than you purchase, take a look at your infant with the sun shades on. You shouldn’t be able see his or her eyes.
Gray’s the way. Gray lenses are first-rate. They take in all hues equally, so youngsters see the arena in natural colorations.
Block sideways rays. Make positive the shades are big enough to your child’s head or have some type of “wrap around” function to assist block rays coming inside the facets of the frames.

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