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How to Choose Sunglasses for the Winter

I as soon as had a pal known as The Fonz. My friends and I first gave him this nickname while we first found that he never left the house without his leather-based jacket and a couple of sun shades. In reality, he not often attended an occasion, day or night, summer time or winter, without his trusty Ray Bans. We holidayed in Ibiza; certainly, he sported sun shades all through the length. We holidayed in Prague over Christmas; again, he wasn’t with out his shades. That changed into ten years in the past. Ten years in the past, when I (and maybe the rest of the sector too) have been much less knowledgeable approximately eye health. But nowadays, my buddies and I understand that maybe The Fonz had it proper all along…

You see, eye safety is simply as important inside the winter as it is in summer. Not only because it will improve your imaginative and prescient when you are doing something essential (such as using or sports activities) and preserve your eyes from going dry in the harsh conditions, but additionally as it will defend your eyes from damaging and dangerous UV rays.

If you are searching for a new pair of winter sun shades, right here are some matters to take into account:
Polarized vs. Non Polarized

If you intend on spending loads time exterior in the iciness time, it can be a great concept to don’t forget shopping for sunglasses with polarized lenses. Polarized lenses are designed with a unique coating which means that that ultra violet rays can’t penetrate thru your glasses. Although that is some thing that have to be considered all yr spherical, the sun may be lots extra dangerous inside the winter months because it sits a great deal lower inside the sky.

Brands and Designers

Whilst our friend The Fonz never left the residence with out his favorite branded eyewear for style reasons, we believe that brand names are extraordinarily essential in this point in time in terms of protecting your eyes from the sun. Brands including Ray Ban, Oakley, Bolle, Cebe, Vista and Smith Optics are known for using the latest eyewear technology to broaden shades for sports activities – and those are the most depended on manufacturers for people who spend quite a few time being active outside.
Lens Shape / Size

In winter, glare from ice and snow can reason difficulty in seeing at diverse angles. For skiing journeys abroad, iciness holidays or just a white Christmas right here within the UK (we’re hopeful), the solar sitting low within the sky can motive troubles with eyesight. So in relation to selecting lenses, move for a respectable size and shape that gives you brilliant insurance. Aviator shapes can help to save you snow/ice reflections and wraparound styles (along with the Oakley OO9263 TURBINE POLARIZED) will prevent light from penetrating from the aspect.

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