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Do Your Sunglasses Really Protect Your Eyes from UV Damage?

If you stroll into a fashion designer sun shades shop and then walk into the nook drug save, you’ll find further elegant sun shades in each that declare: a hundred% UV safety. But what does that without a doubt imply? And are you simply included?

Unfortunately, the solution isn’t any. For starters, permit’s speak about UV, or ultraviolet rays. These dangerous rays no longer handiest harm pores and skin, but can also damage the eyes or even contribute to cataracts. So if you’re sporting a couple that boasts 100% UV safety, you’re golden, proper?

Wrong. The widespread pair of shades is designed to block a hundred% of UV rays from getting into the the front of your lenses. But the truth is solar light is everywhere and enters the eyes from all angles, studies* confirms that 14% to 45% of ambient UV mild nevertheless reaches the eyes even if traditional sunglasses are worn due to aspect and backside exposure.

In different words, clearly blocking off the UV from the the front of the lens won’t cut it on the subject of retaining your eyes healthful. To clearly help defend your eyes, a terrific pair of shades will lessen the UV rays that replicate off the bottom of your lenses with the aid of including an antireflective (AR) coating that reduce down the mirrored image of both UV and seen light .When you have got this backside UV protection, your eyes – and the pores and skin round your eyes – may be blanketed as much as ninety eight% from UV.

So wherein do you get the pleasant sun shades that provide full safety? Look for premium sunwear that gives backside AR, like Xperio UV ™ polarized sun lenses. In addition to UV safety, the investment in top rate sunwear can hold to benefit you in the long run. Quality specifications commonly provide added sturdiness, effect resistance, and polarized lenses. If you’ve in no way heard of polarized lenses, these lenses contains a unique clear out that blocks positive sorts of contemplated light to cut glare and haze, and make for a much greater exciting enjoy on the lake or the street (two spots wherein such reflected light waves are commonplace).

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